Rick Sanders – Turn It Up – Smiley Fingers

Smiley Fingers
Cat.#: SFN082
Artist: Rick Sanders
Title: Turn It Up

1. Turn It Up (Original Mix)
2. Turn It Up (El Mundo & Satori Remix)

Smiley Fingers is proud to announce “Turn It Up”, the new work by Rick Sanders.
In the original mix we find a bassline that just makes you wanna dance, mixed up with vocal cuts perfectly representing his style.
In addition, the dynamic duo El Mundo & Satori, after many releases on labels like Bla Bla and Materialism, get on Smiley Fingers delivering a stunning remix characterized by a flowing speech over some groovy percussions.
Both the original and the remix are dancefloor bombs, what do you like the most?

Danny Tenaglia: thanks
Yaya (Desolat): Party! Nice, thanks!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Hector Couto: remix 4 me nice one!
Oliver $: will try it out
Ray Okpara: SUPER EP!!!
Luciano: Thanks for the music… downloading for Luciano
Paco Osuna: downloaded thanks :)
Mihai Popoviciu: remix for me!
Fabrizio Maurizi: Like both versions!…groove power;-)
Shir Khan: PARTY SURESHOT. Will play at Watergate on Friday.
Magit Cacoon: Downloaded for Magit Cacoon! Thanks :)
Jose Sousa (Pacha Ibiza): Nice Mixes, Thanx)
Sami Wentz: i like this groove !
Kabuto Koji: Will play and support! thanks!
MSMS: Nice release, the remix is our fave, thanks!
Hippie Torrales: El Mundo & Satori mix rocking.
Amo + Navas: Good release. Will bring him a proper listen.
Michelle Owen (Moodmusic. Berlin): nice!
George Morel: Nice pumping groove.Thank you
Andrea Ferlin: Turn It Up (El Mundo & Satori Remix) for me thanks
Alex Costa (Intacto – Alive – ToolRoom): Rmx is coooool !
Sezer Uysal:  Mundo and Satori :) cheers
Yvan Genkins (Saved / Defected): El Mundo & Satori for me top remix :)
Sam Divine (Defected): El Mundo & Satori is coooool
Diavlo (Toolroom – Stereo Productions): cool cheers :)
Orde Meikle (Slam): nice grooves – will try out thanx
Mr. Jones/The disclosure project: el mundo and satori remix is a nice driving groove.
Danny O (Bora Bora/Mambo, Ibiza): Nice work. Good vibes from both tracks.
Mirco Violi: el mundo & satori remix for me
Paolo Martini: El Mundo & Satori remix for me ..thank you for the music
Greg Cuoco: Funky, with that fat baseline that make it all work.
Olderic (Area Remote / Saved / Terminal M): original!
Anderson Noise: great
Patrick Zigon: el mundo & satori remix is great!
Randall Jones: : Remix sounds dope! Thanks for the ammo.
Tommy Largo: Nice ep, Turn It Up (El Mundo & Satori Remix) is my pick.
Bob Morane: Turn It Up (El Mundo & Satori Remix) is for me thx for the music
Daniel Mehes: the remix is so massive. I really like it :)
DFRNT: Ah, nice – great energy!
Markus Wesen:  i lke the el mundo & satori rmx DjMag.com: Nice dancefloor groover!

Media Feedback
Ibiza Voice Magazine: The El Mundo & Satori remix is dope.
Raveline.de: considering for review
Russel Deeks (This Is Why We Dance): Quality stuff!
Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty & DMC Magazine): goo track
Michael Fossati (spiritofhouse.com): Groovey remake of those unforgettable hooks from Michael Zager’s timeless classic…
playmybeat.tv: HOT!
Something Global: downloading for www.SomethingGlobal.com
Tsugi: nice remix
theunderground.eu: Original is cool
Dr.Zoldberg (electrosound.tv): Nice ones there! Downloading for electrosound.tv
Thank you
Oxide (Urbnet): 1 back at it with the funky jam and tearing it up with a tracky loopy gem!
2 nice one, the tribal Sneaky groove is done right
Dustin Kinney (5 Magazine): Both mixes are dope but I really like the remix.
MusicMag Spain: Really good release. Killer tracks. Full support!
Paul Newhouse (VMM): nice shit!
Complex (Inferno Radio): very good will support on radio/podcast