David Phillips – Let There Be Drums Vol. 6 – Global Ritmico

Label: Global Ritmico
Cat.#: GR044
Artist: David Phillips
Title: Let There Be Drums Vol. 6

01. David Phillips – Music For Take Away (Original Mix)
02. David Phillips – Oh Shhh (Original Mix)
03. David Phillips – Dizzy (Original Mix)
04. David Phillips – Losing My Mind (Original Mix)

David Phillips did it again: “Let There Be Drums #6” contains two vocal tracks that will rock the floor and two solid techy tracks for the early hours, packed in a brilliant release that will make the clubbers bounce.

Supported by:
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Magit Cacoon: Dope EP! Thanks :)
Slam (Soma): nice tunes – will spin – thanks guys
Roger Sanchez: Downloading to try out,thanks
Thomas Schumacher: Dizzy! What a beauty of a deep track here.
Matthias Tanzmann: Nice grooves. Thank you.
Marco Carola: download for marco carola
Cristian Varela: Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !
Benji Candelario: good tune
Brothers’ Vibe: Thanks.
M.A.N.D.Y.: will download for M.A.N.D.Y. thank you for good music!
Dj Ravin (Buddha Bar): great
Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour): Cool tracks.
Michel De Hey: Thanks for the tunes
Chris Fortier (Fade): on it
Alfred Azzetto (miniMarket / Purple Music / Rule5 /): Solidddd!!! Great
Nick Holder: This will get serious rotation!
Joy Kitikonti (Radio M2o Italy – Footloversmusic): Bomb!!!! Tnx
Eddy Romero: Losing My mind sounds good will TRy !
Marvin Zeyss: cool stuff, will play these!
Hippie Torrales: Real sweet drum work. Minimal & rocking.
Dj Sossa (Circoloco): nice…
Prudo (Alfa Romero): Losing my mind is great!
Nick Fiorucci (HI-BIAS): Thanks for the service!Downloading for zipDJ!
Mirco Violi: music for take away is a nice track
Marasco: I will try Oh Shh…Mahalo for the music!
Jorge Savoretti: i like the tribal feeling of the tracks
severino panzetta: Love the voice in here
Toni Rios (Blu Fin): sounds great. will try it. thanx.
Miky J (Snatch! Rec): Downloading for Miky J while he’s away, thx! (Rick)

Dj Mag Germany (Reviewer): Downloaded
Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty & DMC Magazine): good track.
soundeffectmagazine.com: solid ep
Jacbri: solid grooves
BLN.FM: downloading
David F (Sine FM): Bloody fantastic tribal influenced EP, love this kind of stuff. Full support on this
DJ Friendly (NRK P3): thanx!
ACID TED: oh shhh is groovy
Sebastian Schlachter (La boum de luxe/FM4/Vienna): very nice release. will play!
dcodedmagazine.com: os shhh works really well, lots of fun!! alos like music for take away
sceen.fm: what can I say: BIG!! Dizzy & Losing my Mind
Digitally Imported Radio: Nice grooves here. will support
Michael Stukes (WHCR 90.3 FM): YESSSSS!
LightWaveRadio: Nice Afro & Funky tunes !!
Deep House Cat: will try it on the show, thanks!
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica): great release.
Paris-One: Dizzy & Losing My Mind for me !
Different Grooves: checking out all the tracks – release supported by differentgrooves.com (considering for feature)
Mental X (Virus.ch): i like it, thnx
Pluginzine.com: Considering for review. Thanks!
Ric Colair (sceen.fm | s.fm | Depaart): stunning one
spiritofhouse.com: truly hypnotizing and deep…
The-Zone Radioshow: thanks! Downloaded for The-Zone RadioShow!
UMFM: This is the fun one.
Deephouse.it: Nice one. Thanks.
Christallization Radio Show: ‘Music For Take Away’ is cool, thanks!
radio-fds.de: nice vol.6 David,hold on with good music
DeepSouthAudio: Saucy Underground House music that’s is dirty and dank, Kick arse sounds
Something Global: downloading for www.SomethingGlobal.com :)
Beatportlovers: Will support
5chicago.com: This ep’s dope. I’m not so into South Africa, but if a tribal thing is interesting enough I’ll try it out. Really like the soulful vocals on top of these beats – always a good combo. Music for Take Away is the best.
Nikki Flame Jordan (manchesterglobal.co.uk, danceradio.ca): Loving Loving My Mind…great track to drop…can’t wait…one love
playmybeat.tv: Very nice!
Tsugi: dizzy for me
pumpedaudio.com: Thanks! Downloading for pumpedaudio.com